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3 min readJul 12, 2018



I wanted to write up a quick review of one of the crypto world’s best yet least known about assets — CoinFi. What is CoinFi you ask? It is a place you can go to get all your daily crypto/blockchain news and information in one go. It is currently in Beta, so not all the features they are releasing are available, but they are soon to come. The website works perfectly on mobile and you can subscribe to notifications from CoinFi to get mobile alerts whenever there is something new. So let’s talk a little bit about the features of CoinFi.

News Aggregation

This is what I like to think is the bread and butter of the CoinFi platform. There is so many things happening every day/hour/minute/second in the crypto world that it is hard to keep up. CoinFi is working diligently on getting this perfect and I have to say they have done a really good job at the news aggregation section. The best part is that you can have CoinFi only show you news about coins/tokens you have added to your watchlist. This allows you to only get relevant news while skipping all the weekly jazz about some random coin you don’t care about. The fact that crypto never sleeps makes this the most important aspect of any investor’s arsenal.

A coming soon feature of the News aggregation is the events calendar section. The event calendar will be for all the coins in your watchlist so that you can keep an eye on upcoming events/milestones in projects. This is huge considering crypto seems to want to sell the news every single time a mainnet launches.

ICO Information

This is the one area that I have used a lot in the past and will continue to use as an avid ICO investor. They have reviews, project information, and even ICOs I have never heard of before here. This list keeps growing and getting better. If you have ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of ICOs that you have to keep up with in the past, check out this area and breath a little easier.

Portfolio tracking and Trade Signals — Coming soon!

I can only guess that you will be able to track your portfolio on the CoinFi site in this soon to come area. Also, when you setup your coins to watch or I’m sure coins you have in your portfolio, you can get signals to trade them directly from CoinFi. They will also be using their news aggregation as a way to create signals due to good/bad news releasing about a project.


To sum it all up, I am extremely bullish and greatful on CoinFi for the future. The one stop shop for all things crypto platform has made my crypto life easier and I hope it helps you out a bit too. Let me know what your thoughts are on CoinFi in the messages below or tweet at me on Twitter @skumbagt.

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