Quickfire Article: Menlo One Review

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Welcome to my review of the Menlo One project that is making waves in the blockchain scene. Menlo One looks to build a platform of protocols and guidelines to help guide the token economy into a stable state. Their vision is very needed in this space as ICOs are in the midst of regulation from all sides. This also needs to be done to fight off scammers and keep newcomers to the blockchain world safe from all sorts of threats.

Project Overview

Menlo One is split into different protocols or layers that present the user with different options.

Menlo Townhall — This layer is where the users are going to do most of their communication and reviewing of items. Think of the townhall as a place where users can stake some MET along with their review of something and then get rewarded if they are voted to have the best answer/review of an ICO/new currency entering the market. There is also a chat area and a private messaging tool that you can use to communicate directly with customers or other users. The reviews are sure to come in handy as they will be immutable and cannot be hidden so ICOs and projects will be sure to keep up their standards.

Menlo Guild — The guild will be a place where professionals can create a type of DAO, or a guild, where they can stake their reputation and users can go and find out more about a tokenized products. The experts or professionals that host these guilds will have a reputation score along with them which will allow users to only utilize the most reputable of guilds. This in turn creates a world where a single user, whether they have $1 or $10,000 can go and get the same advice.

Menlo Marketplace — The marketplace is where all users will go to buy into new token sales. There will be all sorts of token sales that will be offered to projects for free, so long as they use the Menlo One platform and set of protocols. This is sweet. As an avid ICO hunter, I am looking forward to this product the most! This will include all sorts of features from a private wallet, exchange integration, the ability to auto buy a project once it becomes available, etc. You can do pretty much anything you can imagine within the marketplace for a token buyer. DAICOs, or Decentralized Autonomous Initial Coin Offerings will also be available on the marketplace.

Menlo Core — The Menlo Core layer is the layer where all the information is stored using IPFS offchain storage and onchain hashes to that storage. This allows the data to be stored offchain while still maintaining the data’s integrity with the onchain hash location. Content nodes will then use both the IPFS stored data and the onchain stored hashes to present the user with content.

Why I like it

I like it because I am a huge fan of ICOs but I am not a huge fan of how they are being done currently. Every single ICO does something a different way, and with differnet rules, and we as investors have to jump through hoops at times to even be able to buy their token. I feel like some projects even look at their token in such high regard that they feel the buyers should be begging them to get into their sales. I really want Menlo One for all of these reasons. I want a place where I can go and trust that the information I am reading is accurate, that the price is fair, and that the projects have been vetted enough and are trustworthy enough for me to invest into with my hard earned money. I hope that Menlo One realizes their vision and brings even more investors into the blockchain world.

Token Sale and Timeline Information

Ticker: MET
Platform: ERC20
Max Supply: 1 billion
ICO Dates: Presale is ongoing, Public Presale starts on July 16

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