Why Cryptocurrency Needs Tools like Wall Street

3 min readJul 17, 2018


As the cryptocurrency space grows and new investors take the plunge, there needs to be tools that give the same data that is available to stock market investors. One tool that I use regularly and will continue to use in the future is CoinFi. Currently, it is in Beta for users and does not have all of the features the final product will have, but what is already has is enough to start using it. Here is a diagram of all the features that the CoinFi platform will have.

Currently, the platform has their News aggregation feature up and working and they also have their ICO review area up. The best part about the news aggregation is that you can have it only provide news for coins that you have selected in your watchlist. This allows you to not have to parse through every article about Ripple to get to what you really care about, the Tron and Cardano news.

Features that are being developed still are the portfolio, signals and algorithm sections. These areas are where we start seeing the overlap with current tools that are available for use by Wall Street traders in the stock market exchanges. Signals for example will provide different buy/sell signals based on the professionals at CoinFi analyzing the market and providing traders with their analysis. I find this feature extremely helpful as it will allow me to get back a good portion of my time that I spend analyzing the markets and positions that I hold on certain projects.

Algorithms and bots will also be provided by the CoinFi platform so that you can automatically trade a position on an exchange based on the algorithm provided by the CoinFi platform or your own algorithm that you have developed. This can be huge if you find a trend in a market that you want to exploit. I can see myself using this on a daily basis to build my portfolio and generate some extra income.

These are just some of the features that CoinFi is planning to release on their platform in the near future. I am sure they have extras in store for everyone as they garner more feedback and generate more of a user base. These tools are needed to attract the large financial stock market traders since these are the tools they are accustomed to using. CoinFi’s platform is also the kind of tool that shows the cryptocurrency space is maturing. I for one will utilize anything that can help me get a few minutes/hours back into my day and give me the edge. Please leave some comments if you have any other platforms similar to CoinFi that you think I should check out!

Feel free to signup for a free account on the CoinFi Website to check out their Beta release of the platform.